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A presidential letter of appreciation, also known as PLOA, is letter signed by the sitting President of the United States, prepared by the White House. Many American Citizens hope they will someday get a letter from the President of the United States for achievements at the workplace or community service, but few will ever. Arian Eghbali, CEO of Enrich Financial Office of Credit Repair, is an exception. This year he received a letter of recognition from President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States for helping people in financial need through his company/workplace. Enrich Financial Office of Credit Repair, dedicates the firm to helping people from Tarzana, California strengthen their financial health.

Eghbali is proud President Obama, the highest leader of the country, wrote a personal letter to him. Organizations in support of financial health for Americans is very important to President Obama because he has many strategic financial projects in the works to help Americans all over the country. Enrich Financial specialty is helping clients pursue credit repair by educating clients on the many aspects of finance management, including avoiding bankruptcy, managing late payments and getting out of debt for good. As a proud member of the Valley Chamber of Commerce in California, Eghbali commits his life to providing people smart, highly professional credit repair services so they will not struggle with financial problems for a lifetime.

In the letter of appreciation to Eghbali and Enrich Financial, President Obama mentions how Americans in California and across the nation are striving for a better future. They are working hard and holding on to optimism, the same optimism which has driven America forward for generations. The goal is to make Americans feel and know the United States of America is a nation where all things are possible for all people – a good career at a workplace, being able to financially provide for the family, and have enough to give to those in need. To learn more about Enrich Financial and Eghbali’s commitment to community financial health and wellness, visit or read ‘Build better credit: credit repair secrets‘ from Eghbali to see how he helps those at the workplace and throughout the community get their financial house in order. Keep with the Workplace Examiner weekly to learn how those in the business industry are bettering the community.